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A thought from yesterday

October 7, 2013

In laughter, there is only the present moment.


Don’t forget your feet

October 7, 2013

Tonight, I remembered that my feet are allies. Every time I notice that they are there, holding me up, touching the ground, whatever mess I’m in seems a little bit more bearable.

I think it’s fascinating to map where your body stores its experiences.

Have been hovering near a cold since Sunday, but not actually toppling over the edge. All this laughing is good for the immune system.

A Year of Laughter

October 5, 2013

Yesterday, I got an idea.

Self, I said to me, you should laugh every day. For a year.

Good idea, I said to myself. Let me think about it.

No, don’t think about it, myself said to me. You’ll be thinking forever. It’s perfect. Just do it.

And that made me laugh.

So here we go.