What with all the projects I’ve got going, I’ve been feeling a little frantic for the last few days. I’ve got wine in my crockpot, eight jars of kombucha engulfing the counter, and red wine vinegar percolating in the cupboard. There’s a sourdough starter on the heater, and my garden is withering and bolting in equal parts. Never do anything halfway, right?

My classmate pointed out this morning that it’s the full moon–time to bring the crazy. When I asked her whether I should try to calm myself down or just go with it, she said, “Just be yourself.” Smart girl.

I consulted with myself. Conclusion–time to take a break from my to do list. After all, stress is bad for digestion.

So tonight was Potato Kale soup, red wine, a good long foot soak, and a manipedi. Yes, I still have case studies to do. There are papers all over my living room (and the bedroom, come to think of it). The garden needs watering. And yes, there are dishes in the sink. But my heart is finally beating at normal person speed.

And my nails look fabulous.


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