101 Things. 1001 Days. Ready, go…

Months and months ago, I came across a list of 101 things that someone planned to do in the next 1001 days. I got really excited about the idea, made my own list, then promptly forgot all about it.

I came across the list yesterday when wading through the massive piles of paper engulfing my living room. Interestingly enough, I realized that I had, without realizing it, already completed nine or ten things on the list.

It seems that there’s about a six month lag time on many of my ideas. I’ll get really excited, buy all the necessary materials, and then nothing will happen. One day, I’ll wake up at 3 am, and for no reason at all, that will be the day when I do . Sometimes I get frustrated, because it feels like I never complete what I start. But that’s actually not true–it just takes me a while.

So I’ve decided to resurrect the project. Even if I don’t consciously concentrate on it every day, I have a feeling that I’ll make headway. I’m mildly fudging the start date, since some of these things are done. Oh well.

Deadline for completion: January 26, 2013.

101 Things

Make soap.
Make cheese.
Make kombucha.
Make sourdough bread.
Make tej.
Make dandelion wine.
Make something out of travel material.
Find a way to bind D’s correspondence.
Make something out of school material.
Make paper.
Make butter.
Make 72 new recipes. (-11)
Make mineral makeup. (book workshop)
Make a chapbook.
Make 6 logos. (-1)
Make pumpkin butter.
Make tofu.
Create a graphic design portfolio.
Build a website.
Make a recipe website for class.
Transition to homemade self care products.
Transition to homemade cleaning products. (laundry soap)
Make chapstick.
Make a tincture.
Make kimchi.
Make a worm composter.
Make sourdough croissants.

Repair bike (brakes, gears, tires).
Learn how to silkscreen.
Learn byzantine tones.
Learn obikhod tones.
Work through Illustrator book.
Work through Photoshop book.
Take a class in typography.
Take singing lessons.
Learn how to drive.
Work through food book.
Become a holistic nutritionist.
Become a yoga teacher.
Learn how to sharpen knives.
Try barefoot running.
Learn how to sew.

Get a drill.
Get a computer.
Obtain items on basics clothing checklist.
Buy a pair of Fluevogs. (in process)

Write 101 letters.
Write 101 poems.
Edit 6 manuscripts.
Read through the Bible.
Send 36 emails to family.
Write a book.
Read 36 books. (-1)
Write 100 blog posts.
Reconnect with an old friend.

Grow a garden.
Do 12 cleanses/fasts.
Create a budget.
Put all bills online.
Host 6 dinner parties.
Do 101 unprovoked acts of awesome.
Take a significant trip.
Celebrate 10 unbirthdays.
Have all shoes maintained.
Clean filing cabinets.
Do taxes.
Put a basket on my bike.
Be debt free.
Find a new job.
Finish a degree.
Volunteer 100 hours.
Teach 5 classes. (-1)
Ask for a raise.
Get great skin.

30 day trial—prayer
30 day trial—no waste
30 day trial—yoga
30 day trial—no shampoo
30 day trial—from scratch
30 day trial—raw
30 day trial—6 am
30 day trial—no plastic
30 day trial—binge free
30 day trial—sugar free
30 day trial—laugh/cry
30 day trial—supplements

Do 10 consecutive pushups
Do 100 consecutive situps.
Take a biking day trip.
Hold plank for two minutes.
Do a cartwheel.
Do a handstand.
Lose 80 lbs.
Do crow pose.

Wear six costumes.
Create a clown show.
Perform a clown show.
Lighten up 400 times.
Make and explore 10 masks.
Find clown makeup.


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